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Morgan Pitney (‘Moe’)
Morgan Pitney


My Name: Morgan Pitney (‘Moe’)

My Age: 17

Where I was born: Rockford, Illinois

My home town: Cherry Valley, Illinois

My year in school (home school): Junior (2008-2009)

My favorite subject in school: Music because it’s part of who I am!

My favorite food: Tacos

My favorite TV show: Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild

My favorite actor / actress: Chris Farley

My favorite musical artist or group: Tony Rice Unit

My hobbies: Deer and pheasant hunting, fishing, and playing bluegrass music

My personal hero: My dad because he helps me and encourages me in my musical goals

My best friend: Shay Montana

What you’d probably find in my iPod: Tony Rice, JD Crowe, Del McCourey, and any
good bluegrass

What you’d probably find under my bed: Fishing poles, gun case, and a Field & Stream

Most of my time on the computer is spent: On my MySpace Band page

In my free time I: Practice shooting my bow and practice playing my banjo, guitar, and
Dobro (an acoustic steel guitar used in country music)

My most humbling experience: Forgetting the words to a song while on stage

The best advice I ever got: JD Crowe told me that in order to be a great bluegrass
musician, I should listen to the right music and practice every free moment I hav.

The best day I’ve had so far: When I killed my first deer

The worst day I’ve had so far: The day my Uncle Perry was killed in a car accident

What makes me laugh: Roy D. Mercer and Chris Farley

What makes me mad: When people won’t listen to me

My proudest moment so far: When I killed my first deer

One thing I simply can’t stand: Being misunderstood

One thing I’d like to change about myself: My temper

Fifteen years from now I want to: Be playing music professionally

The reason I want to is: It’s in my blood

The three words that best describe me: Driven, motivated, perceptive

MoeP 100108

Morgan ('Moe') Pitney singing the country ballad 'Alyssa Lies' as part of a piece focusing on child abuse during a MWAH! Performance at Geneseo Middle School in Geneseo, Illinois, on 10/01/2008. The song was written by Jason Michael Carroll, a 29-year-old North Carolina father of four children, who was inspired by a tragic, true story of the death of a little girl. (photo by Beth Oechsel)

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