Search Your Heart

Written by Ray Moffitt


         Search Your Heart

           and your soul

         And find yourself

           so you will know

         That who you are

           and what you do

         There’s only one

            a special you

(First verse)

You’re the one who can achieve

The very best for you and me

Because you see you’re not alone

For I am with you

In this home

And when the world has got you down

You know I’ll always be around

I’ll be your light to surely help you find

(Repeat Chorus)

(Second verse)

When I depart, my love shall stay

And grow within you day by day

Go look around and be a friend

To those in need of the love I send

Please don’t forget to shed a tear

When you laugh or cry, it’s life…it’s real

A tear can help to grow a soul

Pursue a dream and reach a goal

Search your heart and you will know

(Repeat Chorus)

(third verse)

Life is short but the road is long

If you follow your heart

You can’t go wrong

Your heart will know when you find your way

You’ll think of me and then you’ll say

I’ve searched my heart and my soul

I’ve found myself and now I know

That who I am and what I’ve done

Is not for me but for everyone

(Repeat Chorus)

copyright: Ray Moffitt

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